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shrugged his shoulders and move on. for president obama this is something different. this is something altogether different, but i would say this, the american people are generally -- lou: you will say this eventually. >> eventually, quite. after i talk about the dog again. the truth is, the american people are smarter than their politicians and politics and know that the problem that we have, this epidemic of mass shootings, random mass shootings is not just about guns but a sick society, a sick culture, fatherlessness and broken this in all this other stuff that cannot be fixed. there is no panacea answer to this command that is white as the president drags this out through, as steve accurately described, a senate that will not be eager to embrace and control the further we get away daughter will be for democrats to push. lou: and the other initiative on the part of the president that he has made a priority, of course, back with comprehensive immigration reform. is there the appetite for this? standing tall as the leading conservative in the gain of eight. but what is the appetite in
couldn't stand barack obama and can't stand anyone that barack obama nominates. and the surge was something that was his. i think that almost in a way john mccain made the surge into the war as john mccain would have fought it as commander-in-chief. and anyone who questions it gets the wrath of mccain. and i watched that hearing, that part of the hearing with colonel jack jacobs and pat murphy, the governor of pennsylvania who served in iraq. and both of those guys were at the bottom of the pile. and you view war differently. but the lesson that these two men took from vietnam seems to have been so different. hagel took the questioning, the same thing patrick murphy feels, being lied to and feeling anger for knowing you friends died for what you believe to be a lie. >> here's lindsay graham, badgering defense nominee hagel. about his whether the iranian revolutionary guard should be designated terrorist organization. i think this is aimed at south carolina's right wing. let's listen. >> if there was a vote on the floor of the senate this afternoon, to label the iranian revolut
. the unions didn't read the bill. every time obama comes -- president obama comes out with something, they just back it no matter what, and all of a sudden they have an oops moment 'cause they realized oh, my costs go up, so please help me. i think the bottom line, they'll end up with some sort of exemption, some sort of subsidy and guess what? it will be on our backs as usual. >> i know, but it's kind of interesting, dagen, maybe expecting quid pro quo didn't happen. >> to gary's point, if they get these subsidies on top of -- these members already having health insurance, that just opens the door for handouts to anybody. will ultimately drive up the cost of this health care law even more. listen, this law was about expanding health insurance to people who didn't have it. well, union members, you have it. your costs go up. suck it up. that's the way it goes [ laughter ] >> you like that one, huh? >> charlie, they've got -- to dagen's point, they qualify for breaks -- >> it's kind of absurdity of the health care law in the first place that there is all these sort of outs, you can get
ripple effect now. of course, unless there's something mrs. obama is not telling us, this is really a moot point. he's not going to have a son, this is not going to be an issue. however, this is america's game. we do have two brothers here competing as head coaches in the super bowl because their father got them into this sport. now so many parents around the country are wondering, is it safe for my kid to play football? roger goodell today answered the president's words. while he welcomed the president's interest in this and while he wants to make the game safer, his own time playing as a youth is something he wouldn't give up and he brought up some of the things the nfl is trying to do to try to make the game safer, talking about bringing in independent neurologists who aren't associated with the team and they will tell players whether they think they should go back into the game. he also talked about the idea of increasing the fines and suspensions for the kinds of hits and acts on the field that are going to be causing some of those issues. i have to tell you, there is controver
have made. >> jon: let me read you something. most americans are cheering for them, meaning the obama and clinton and most americans wanted a softball interview. we have thus passed an important important tal. democrats are the regular guys, and conservatives are the weirdos. >> i think that is right. think if you were to check with people, they didn't think it was the moment to put the president and mrs. clinton on the grill with regard to foreign policy. they know what those people stand for. it is striking that the questions were softball. it was a love fest. i don't have any question about that. i will say this. news management in washington is do for everybody. i think back with mike with president reagan and the idea that they are not going to get answers to certain questions, with politicians, that is what they want. >> jon: we know you served as press spokesman, would 60 minutes have done that kind of interview with any of your bosses? >> no way. here is the missed opportunity. when you have the president of united states and secretary of state you have to corner them. you hav
and months and months barack obama ran against congress when he won re-election and now he's trying to work with them. there has been something like a mood of amity in washington and for folks facing re-election from 2014 the political pressures are are going to be very different than for barack obama, who is not running again, right? but i do think he wants to they can -- check this one off. >> i also think that 9 republicans really want to get something done here. chris: off their backs. >> on immigration. chris: and gun safety, the new term of art now. the member of congress can sit home and he or she knows exact lib the gun situation in their districts more than the president knows. >> in the case of background checks, deep background checks, there is something like 90% support for that. studies have shown when presidents get out there and try to bring to washington and understanding that the people out in the country already have, in other words when he's not changing minds but chanepping energy -- chris: which is there because of this. >> he can get it done on background checks. the r
's characterization of president obama's policies, saying he strongly supports second amendment rights. as for that challenge by congressman blackburn one white house official tells me president obama would probably lose that competition, noting skeet shooting is not something he's done his entire life. lester? >> all right. kristen, thank you. >>> in alabama tonight a man with a gun continues to hold a little boy hostage in an underground bunker after allegedly shooting to death the driver of the school bus the boy was on four days ago. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in midland city, alabama, with that story. gabe, good evening. >> reporter: lester, so far this standoff has lasted more than 97 hours and there's no end in sight. just up the road behind me police say the suspect has a heater, blankets, and plenty of supplies in that bunker. the delicate and tense standoff has police here in southeastern alabama on edge. s.w.a.t. teams and hostage negotiators focused on an underground bunker, where police say jimmy lee dykes has held a 5-year-old boy for more than four days. >> i want to thank
out that president obama's judgment on want appointments and jack lew as treasury secretary . they are bad. >> you said something earlier that you said. republicans on the right side but going about it the wrong way. >> you live by the sword and you die by the sword. harry reid started this. >> starsted what? >> thatismerary -- tempory process. it is the risk they run when they play these kinds of gamings. >> not a usual position for rick. now to eric with what is coming up on cashin? >> wait until you hear the new excuse for spending taking hold in washington. cash in is on in the bottom of the hour. >> first on forbes. did you ever want to know what your coworkers make? many companies are clicking and letting you find out. some on the forbes' group are saying show me the >> private sector salaries not so private. growing number of companies are releasing how much employees are making. co-workers say it is too much information and morgan, you say no problem, explain. >> it is great for business whether it workings or not and represents innovation in the workplace it is good
by the white house. it's a picture of mr. obama as you see skeet shooting at camp david, something he told new republic magazine, quote we do all the time. >>> from the cbs 5 weather center good evening everybody. sure mild conditions so why an advisory you need to know about? pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. wow. take a look at that. . >>> running back frank gore has accomplished an awful lot in his eight years in san francisco. >> nobody does it bert than frank gore. nobody. >> gore is the franchise's all-time leader and on sunday he'll have a chance to add a super bowl to that resume. at super bowl xlvii, i'm kenneth. it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. people on the field -- could serve as a big inspiration. 10-year-old . >>> right before super bowl xlvii kicks off tomorrow, one of the smallest people on this field could serve as the biggest inspiratio
it last time. >> let me say something. it is amazing that the border is not secure. i mean, first barack obama deported more than 1.5 million. and there are more agents than ever before, apprehensions have gone down, the number of undocumenteds has gone from 12 million to 11 million and the citizens along the border with mexico along the border are the safest. so if you wait to do something until the border is completely secure, i don't know exactly what you're talking about. >> the last word. >> we have a couple of problems. number one, 40% of all the people in this country illegally didn't cross the border. they came here on a visa that expired and disappeared into our system, and we can't track them. number two, one thing we're missing in this debate about illegal immigration is the cost. heritage foundation did a study that after the taxes are realized by our country by those who are here illegally, it will cost $2.6 trillion in medicare, social security -- >> no, no, the congressional budget office -- >> that's pocket change. the net cost of all of this is pocket change. it's really
. >> president obama, his last campaign promise to the american people, the final debate, this is what he said about sequester. >> first of all, sequester is not something that i proposed. it's something that congress has proposed. it will not happen. >> he said it will not happen. you're preparing for it to happen. it seems paul ryan was just on "meet the press" last week and he said it's more likely to happen than not. in your view, is this going to happen? >> in a world of responsible politics, it should not happen. >> ok. we don't live in that world right now. are you assuming it's going to happen? >> look, we've got to plan for that possibility. because there are so many members that are saying we're going to let it take place. but i have to tell you, it is irresponsible. for it to happen. i mean, why in god's name would members of congress elected by the american people take a step that would badly damage our national defense? but more importantly, undermine the support for our men and women in uniform. why would you do that? >> general dempsey, you have said this would be catastrophic.
program is something that has been, the bush administration and the obama administration say are authorized by the authorization of use for military force that was passed by congress. and the way that the obama administration is using that is that they're dropping bombs, targeting for killing of terrorist suspects in countries in which we are not at war, including yemen, including pakistan, including places in africa. there is no legal authority for these types of drone attacks. the u.s. cannot drop bombs on people in places that they cannot send troops. it is a mechanism, i think in my view, a political mechanism that says, "it is so much easier to talk about how the wars are over and we're bringing troops home and that we're not putting more troops in harm's way by dropping bombs" there's no legal authority for that. there's no judicial oversight for how they determine who they're going to kill and who they don't want to kill. there's a -- right after 9/11, there was this kill list, there were approximately nine people, al qaeda operatives that the military, the c.i.a. said
. that is pretty much what we thought we did. that is the dialogue we have with the incoming obama administration. i began my longest conversation with them at the agency, something along the lines of i think we have already done what you have done. it is appropriate in the new circumstances. it did not hold. all american detainees under any agent of the american government have to be treated with the army field manual. it was proved in september 2006. i would suggest the casual manual was written with the knowledge that there was option b. that this program was also available. now we are left with this option a. it should not concern you. before you get to interrogation, you have to capture and we do not capture. we have made it so legally difficult and so politically dangerous to capture that it seems to the outside looking in that the default option is to take the terrorists off the battlefield in another way. >> could you talk a bit about what obama inherited? we had moderate sleep deprivation. tummy slap. a diet of liquid ensure. i'm sure the product owners would love to hear that is torture
. >> then the president's agenda. >> comprehensive immigration reform. prevent something like newtown hopefully from happening again. >> what about jobs? with former obama policy adviser meld barnes, former labor secretary elaine chao, mvp super bowl xl hines ward. i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union." joining me now leon panetta secretary of defense and martin dempsey, chairman of the chief joint of staff. i want to play you a little of the hearings. >> as to the iranians red line persian gulf, some of the iranian questions you asked. i support the president's strong position on containment. by the way, i've just been handed a note that i misspoke. we don't have a position on containment. >> just to make sure your correction is clear. we do have a position on containment, which is we do not favor containment. >> we do not favor containment. >> i'm sure you've seen the criticism of the nominee for your new job and your old job and your new boss. how did you think mr. hagel did? >> well, these hearings are tough, especially when everybody is targeting you. i guess i was really disappoin
me an example of where we have been intimidated by the israeli jewish lobby, to do something dumb. regarding the middle east, israel or anywhere sneeelse. >> i can't give you an example. >> chris: which raises the question. why does barack obama want him in the pentagon in the first place? >> here's the thing, i think his stumbling, we're focusing on how he stumbled. the trouble was the peek into his world view and it is the president's world view we are seeing in the second term and that containment exchange was frontal and centre in this. what does -- front and center in this. containment means we'll allow a nuclear iran and contain it and not prevent it and people are concept cam whether the white house will actually use -- keep the military option on the table to prevent a nuclear iran. y it goes to the question of, does hagel see the u.s. military, a strong u.s. military as a force for good, for leadership in this world? and you get the sense from this and his comments, ala bob woodward and the "washington post" and the exchange he had with president obama, he doesn't, he see
president obama when he was a candidate and helped build his foreign policy and didn't hang out and support his friend and republican colleague john mccain. was there something personal there? >> there is always something personal in relationships between senators and chuck hagel is a former senator. i can't speculate on motives of each of the senators. they are probably different motives, an array of intent and purpose. i think there will be a vote this week in the committee, if not this week, next week, but soon. i believe there will be republican votes for senator hagel and if not in committee, at least on the floor. i believe he will be approved. i think the personal issues, hopefully, will be put behind us. most importantly, it will be a bipartisan vote. whatever the motives on a personal level, i hope partisanship is not part of this process as the american people watching that hearing may have concluded it was because the weight of the republican questioning, the prosecuting or crass examination aspect was so much on the republican side. >> do you agree with the old tradition that pr
by the israeli and jewish lobby to do something "dumb." regarding the middle east or israel or anyone else. >> i cannot. >>chris: that raises the question, why does president obama want hagel in the pentagon in the first place? >> here is the thing. the stumbling is what we are focusing on, but at look at his worldview, it is the president's worldview we are seeing and the containment exchange was front and center in this. that means we are going to allow possibly a nuclear iran and contain it. we will not prevent it. people are skeptical about whether the white house is going to use, or keep the military option on the table to prevent a nuclear iran. this goes to the question of does hagel see the military a strong u.s. military as a force for good, for leadership, in this world. you get the sense from this, and from the comments from woodward in the "washington post" and the exchange with obama, he thinks this is a new world leader and we are leading from behind although he did not say that. i add that this comes when panetta is pointing out the threat of the anti-aircraft attack missiles that
be looking much better. >> this week, we moved closer to the unthinkable. the sequester that president obama promised us would never happen. listen just a few months ago. >> first of all, the sequester is not something that i proposed. something that congress has proposed. it will not happen. >> i don't know, that could be the one election promise the president fails to keep. the sequester a part of the decision on march 1st. what happens if the sequester happens? >> well, in fairness, i think that clip was about that the sequester would not happen on january 1st because he was saying they would be able to reach some kind of agreement. they reached an agreement to kick things down the road. >> he didn't say january 1st. he said the sequester will not happen. okay, but go ahead. >> well, you took only a two-second clip out of a speech and press conference, which was all about -- >> it was a debate. >> a run up to january 1st. look, the reality is, we know that over the long run we've got to bring the fiscal position more in line. and the debate is about how much will be of cuts to discretiona
barack obama does not get criticized? >> people should look at what the first president bush did when he did have new taxes. it cost him reelection, but he did the right thing. he got something. he he got disciplined into the federal government. he drove discipline not just on congress. he drove a deep inside of congress. that discipline allowed the economic country to exist that happened during the clinton's tenure to be a reality. but the first president bush did the courageous and right thing, and he drove fiscal discipline into a body that doesn't know how to practice it. that was the u.s. congress. liz: why isn't president obama being criticized for breaking his no taxes in 2008? >> he should be. he has an early lead on anything. he should be leading congress to make policy changes around taxes. it also around entitlement reform. he has to reform government and we need to reform our tax code. i think reforming government is even more important than reforming our tax code right now. we have to get entitlement growth under control and we have to relax regulations rather than impose ne
lobby to do something dumb? regarding the middle east, israel or anywhere else. >> i can't give you an example. >> chris: which races the question, why does barack obama want hagel in the pentagon in the first place? >> i think his stumbling we are all focusing on how he stumbled. what troubled me was the peek into his world view which in fact i think is the president's world view we are seeing in the second term and the containment exchange was very much front and center this this. what does containment mean? means that we are going to allow possibly a nuclear iran and just contain it, not prevent it. already people are skeptical about whether the house is going to keep the military option on the table to prevent a nuclear iran. this goes to the question of does hagel see the u.s. military a strong u.s. military as a force for good for leadership in this world? and you get the sense from this, from his comments ala bob woodward in the washington post and the exchange he had with president obama that he doesn't. he sees this as is a new world order and that we are are as it were lea
on to something else. i think he was afraid he did not want to appear overly aggressive and i think that was probably a mistake on his part. >> the reverse was true. obama for the first debate. he thought he was a hit and thought he could coast and he paid a price for it. >> yes, please. >> i am a washington d.c. resident. my question is for mr. schieffer. considering what you discussed about how most americans are watching news that is tailored to their political views and candidates are going on those news shows, this is one of the only opportunities for those 60 million americans to see a candidate willing to challenge them. do you think that changes the role the moderator plays in the debates? >> i was not one who said i did not approach this as a journalist. i do. i do think this is a place where you are there to give these candidates a chance pass and an opportunity to show who they are. like jim, i do believe when one can do it says something, it is the responsibility of the other candidate that if there is an inaccurate see there, if there is a different point of view there,
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 55 (some duplicates have been removed)